Addictions Counselling

Angela Hryniuk’s clear, gentle, yet direct style of guiding a person through often difficult emotional and spiritual territory combines active listening, with keen perceptive/intuitive skills developed over nearly thirty years of working with people.

Using the Twelve Step Recovery model, Angela assists clients in identifying and understanding their personal beliefs and life patterns, habits and addictions. She offers a fresh perspective and a reframing of circumstances so people can see how their lives have made sense to them and how to shift out of old patterns.

She can help you with issues of:

  • abuse (verbal, emotional, physical, sexual)
  • anger & resentments
  • anxiety
  • codependency
  • compulsive thinking
  • depression
  • identifying negative beliefs, life patterns
  • lack of forgiveness
  • malaise & emotional numbness
  • obsessive behaviours
  • overeating
  • relapse prevention
  • repressed or blocked creativity
  • self esteem & low self image
  • sexuality confusion
  • staying abstinent from alcohol & drugs
  • suicidal thought patterns
  • trauma

What happens during a Counselling Session?

Angela works one on one with clients and occasionally a third party such as a parent, a partner or friend may join the session with your consent. Angela bases her work on the 12 Step Recovery Model which Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous and Al-Anon all use. As well as talking and active listening, during the session she may guide you through a basic meditation. She may invite you to do some writing or creativity exercises and help you get in touch with the more playful and joyful parts of yourself. At some point she may also recommend a written personal moral inventory be done to discover what patterns and beliefs are dominating your life. Notions of a god, a higher power, or a power greater than oneself will be introduced and explored.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Spiritual Advising/Meditation

The answer to this is entirely up to you. Working with Angela in getting in touch with your spiritual self may or may not come quickly. One on one meditation instruction can be just one session with a follow up a few weeks later. Monthly sessions after that are advised to discuss issues arising and directions to take. A short daily meditation at home is recommended.

Addictions Counselling

Recovery from an addiction, which can often bring up issues of trauma, abuse, or repressed memory however, is not such a short process. More sessions would be necessary for these kinds of issues to be explored. Recovery is about exploring, discovering and uncovering what has held us back. Rest assured that you are in the driver’s seat, and although Angela makes recommendations as to how long she thinks the work will take, you have the final say.

Phone, Skype or In Person

Angela counsels people in different parts of the world via the internet through Skype. She is also available by phone to do sessions for those who prefer. Contact Angela directly for these appointments on 0416 563 663. Skype name: angela.hryniuk.