Sitting in the Light
Guided Meditations for Relaxation & Self-balancing 

(Diamond Thought, Vancouver, 2008)

The six meditations on Sitting in the Light are instructional as well as comforting. With Angela Hryniuk’s soothing and calm voice, rich with experience, and Stephen Hamm’s tranquil and uplifting musical compositions the listener is immediately and effortlessly transported into the “meditation zone.” Explanation of optimum meditation posture begins the CD then the listener is guided through various meditations that ultimately will calm the mind, relax the body and balance the self. Excellent for use by people in recovery from addictions, mental health issues and general well-being.


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  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Breathing Meditation
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Compassion I
  • Compassion II
  • Inner Child

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Melisma: several notes sung on one syllable; an embellishment of a melody.

Melisma: Buddhist Pilgrimage in India(Diamond Thought , Vancouver, 2003)

What is pilgrimage? What is pilgrimage to a westerner in the east? To journey to the core of the heart. To take time to absorb and experience the eternal for longer than a moment on the cushion. To be in the air the Buddha breathed. To journey away from the intellect of the past or future back home to the present which is the house of the eternal. Our task is to walk with one foot on the ground and one in heaven, nirvana…These are the true footsteps of the Buddha…. - from Melisma: Buddhist Pilgrimage in India

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Pilgrimage is the act of searching for and tasting the mystery. It is an intensely personal yet spiritual journey with purpose to the holy places the Buddha walked, prayed or meditated. It is to touch the same ground, drink of the same water and smell the same wind the Buddha did. The content of this CD encompasses three different pilgrimages to India (’94, ‘96, ‘00) with the same spiritual master, Zasep Tulku Rinpoche and a fourth journey to India to take teachings with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala (’98). The two writers, myself and Penn Kemp, each chronicled our observations of both journey in a holy land, and journey with spiritual intention having some of the writing published in a co-authored book Sarasvati Scapes. New material was also written and other work was pulled from two other collections of poetry, Timeless Time and on our own spoke.

Once the words were written the notes of another kind emerged. I wanted to bring to the listener the experience not only of pilgrimage but of India. This is when vocalist and composer Kiran Ahluwalia and translator Ajmer Rode were called in. Ajmer with his adept ear for translation, nuance and cadence graces our ears in the rendering of some of our pieces in Punjabi. Kiran vocally improvised over various poems in her own luscious, melismatic and unique way. Along with her contribution she brought to the CD musicians who have feet in both the east and west musically and culturally. Musicians who brought their entire being into the playing. They followed the commitment Kiran demonstrates as the musical leader she is.

The most difficult part of this project to realize was the Tibetan chanting of monks and nuns. The nuns of Ghachoe Ling in Nepal were so gracious to allow us to utilize portions of their own CD, The Bliss Swirl of Sky Dancers and my venerable teacher, Zasep Rinpoche without hesitation offered the use of chanting on his CD, The Melodies of Chod. Three enthusiastic monks from the Manjushri monastery in Montreal graciously recorded their chanting which is intertwined throughout the project.

Finally, the entirety of the CD was trimmed, tweaked, tucked and embellished by the irreplaceable producing of Stephen Fearing. From studio directing schedules, musicians, poets and engineers, choosing sound effects, multi-tasking between his own various musical projects and injecting his own “je ne sais quoi,” Fearing aided in reaching the next level of creativity. As a guitarist he laced and graced the entire project with the indefinable beauty of his signature acoustic, electric, and steel guitar playing.

Whether you are a literary or world music lover, a Buddhist or India-o-phile or none of the above, just simply an appreciator of the manifestation of the Divine in a CD, may you enjoy this unique collaboration of talented and inspired artists. Today, this story of Buddhist pilgrimage in India, are my vision, my gift to you.


First, the inspiriation of it all, my teacher Zasep Tulku Rinpoche. A being who continues to walk with me in the footsteps of the Buddha, steps that are sometimes incomprehensible but always moving me towards the light. Thank you. George Tilser, Brian denHertog, Robbie Struthers, Michael O’Shea, Margaret Potyrala and Ross MacDonald, fellow pilgrims of various spiritual paths who have travelled many miles with me both literally and metaphorically. Without each of you I would never have reached certain places. For a safe space, a Toronto home away from home, a gentle shoulder, Laura Michalchyshyn and Rick Gilbert forever thank you. For his enthusiastic help finding monks, thank you to Jeff Cupchik. For their creative input and encouragement in the nascent stages John Bermingham, Diana Claire, Brian denHertog, Jill Russell, Tim McCauley and M&M. In the very latter stages of production, for his expert advice, thanks to Ian Aikenhead. Hugs to my various “sisters” Lori Kenney, Kate Giffin, Barbara Brown, Mardi Pierenek, Pam Stone, Carol Ogden, Susan Lazaruk and Michele Raye, you were all always a phone call away. Finally, a multitude of thanks to Tarla Curran and Joanna Saunders – two magnificent and unique beings who continually support me at every moment of growth and passage; who generously share their experience, strength and hope so that I can in turn become the person I dream to be.
Blessings and love to you all.


  • Produced by Stephen Fearing
  • Executive Producer Angela Hryniuk
  • Original writing by Angela Hryniuk and Penn Kemp
  • Punjabi translations by Ajmer Rode
  • Recorded by David Travers-Smith at Found Sound Studio and Canterbury Studio, Toronto Ont. – March-April, 2003
  • Additional recording by Ryen Froggatt at Thousand Roads Studio, Vancouver, B.C. March 2003
  • Mixed and Mastered by David Travers-Smith at Found Sound Studio, Toronto, Ont.
  • Package design by A Man Called Wrycraft
  • Cover and interior photos Michael O’Shea
  • Readings by Angela Hryniuk and Penn Kemp
  • Punjabi Translation read by Ajmer Rode


Kiran’s Band:

  • Ravi Naimpally: Tabla
  • Shellar Nath: Acoustic guitar
  • Jatindar “Jittu” Prakash: Bansuri flute
  • Sukdev Bahmra: Dhol drum
  • Ashok Bidaye: Harmonium
  • Mark Duggan: Percussion

Yeh Nahi – composition by Kiran Ahluwalia, lyrics by Rafi Raza

Meri Gori Gori – music and lyrics traditional

Tibetan Monks:

  • Lobsang Nyima
  • Lama Omtsey Ngawang Nyendrak
  • Geshe Norbu
  • Chanting excerpts from The Bliss Whirl of the Sky Dancers CD used with permission from Khachoe Ghakyil Nuns, Dakini
  • Chanting excerpts from The Melodies of Chod CD, used with permission from Zasep Tulku Rinpoche, Ironbird Records, Moscow,
  • Parts of the text are from Sarasvati Scapes, On Our Own Spoke and Time Less Time, used with permission from Pendas Productions,

Stephen Fearing appears courtesy of True North Records.