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Diamond Thought is an international enterprise with offices in both Brisbane, Australia and Vancouver, Canada. Angela spends time in both places depending on what time of the year. She is always available by phone or Skype to answer questions. She also work out of two different Clinics in Brisbane, Sowelu in Paddington and Vitalelife in Bulimba teaching Meditation Classes and Counselling clients.

#129-1917 West 4th Ave.
Vancouver, B.C.
Ph. (604) 321-2670
Fax (604) 321-2671

Sowelu Clinic
83 La Trobe Terrace
Paddington, QLD
07 3367 1950

2/77 Oxford St.
Bulimba, QLD
07 3899 5099

Cashmere Studio
58 Hayward Ave.
Cashmere, QLD
07 3882 2653

Email Angela:

» oovoo room

Skype :
1.)    Go to
2.)    Download the program
3.)    Create a Skype name, either the one they give you, or one you create
4.)    Go to Add Contacts
5.)    Put in my Skype name: angela.hryniuk.

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