Counselling/Spiritual Advising

What happens during a Counselling Session?

Angela works one on one with clients and occasionally a third party such as a parent, a partner or friend may join the session with your consent. Angela bases her work on the 12 Step Recovery Model which Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous and Al-Anon all use. As well as active listening, during the session Angela may take you through a guided visualization. Writing or creativity exercises may be used during the session in order to help you get in touch with the more playful and joyful parts of yourself. At some point she may also recommend a written personal moral inventory be done to discover what patterns and beliefs are dominating your life. Notions of a god, a higher power, or a power greater than oneself will be introduced and explored.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Addictions Counselling
Recovery from an addiction, which can often bring up issues of trauma, abuse, or repressed memory is not a short process. Recovery is about exploring, discovering and uncovering what has held us back. More sessions would be necessary for these kinds of issues to be explored. Rest assured that you are in the driver’s seat, and although Angela makes recommendations as to how long she thinks the work will take, you have the final say.

Spiritual Advising/Meditation

The answer to this is entirely up to you. Working with Angela to get more in touch with your spiritual self may or may not come quickly. One on one meditation instruction can be just one session with a follow up a few weeks later. Monthly sessions after that are advised to discuss issues arising and directions to take. A short daily meditation at home is recommended.

Can counselling sessions be done over the phone or on Skype?

Absolutely. Angela has a number of clients she works with on Skype. Regardless of what country you live in, sessions can definitely happen over the internet. Because Skype is free, neither person incurs a cost.  If the session is over the phone, Angela uses an internet phone which works best connecting to a landline. Reception is the best this way and the costs are absolutely minimal.


Can a beginner join the meditation Course?

Yes. All levels of meditators are welcome. We always begin each class going over the basic meditation posture, so whenever you join in, will be the exact right time for you.

I have problems with my knees, do I have to sit on the floor to meditate or can I sit in a chair?

There are always chairs provided for those who cannot sit crossed legged, or find the posture too uncomfortable. The object of meditation is to still the mind and relax the body. With time, as your meditation progresses you may even find your body becomes more flexible and sitting on the flor may become an option. A flexible body creates a flexible mind. Likewise a flexible mind often creates a flexible body.

I’ve tried meditation before and all that happens is my mind goes beserk, in all different directions. I don’t think I can meditate. Should I even keep trying?


Absolutely keep trying. One cannot run a marathon the first time a pair of running shoes is put on. And so it is with meditation too. We must train the mind, step by step, incrementally. First begin with sitting only a moment in stillness, then relax the mind. Then for another moment and relax. Eventually your mind will calm down and you’ll be able to sit for more than a moment extending to two, then three minutes.

What happens during a Meditation Class?

Each class begins with a short introduction to correct meditation posture. The two categories of meditation: single pointed and analytical, are explained, both of which practitioners are lead through. A brief background to the history of Buddhism and the introduction of it coming to the West is given followed by a 10-20 minute guided meditation. Various meditations that practitioners learn are: breathing, compassion, giving and taking (Tong Lin) mindfulness (Vipassana), inner child, impermanence, wisdom, death and dying as well as working with colours, visualizations of flowers, light, water. There is usually a 10 minute break followed by a short discussion from questions practitioners are having and the evening is finished off with a second guided or silent meditation of 10-20 minutes.

Can I be any where in the world when I connect up to the teleconferencing?

Yes. As long as you have a phone or a computer you will be able to join Angela’s teleconferencing.