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pearls & forbidden fruit
(Diamond Thought, imprint of McGilligan Books, 2008, Vancouver)
ISBN 9781894692205

Passion. Lust. Unrequited love. The consumption of forbidden fruit. Desire, and its outlaws. Fifteen years in the making, Angela Hryniuk’s pearls & forbidden fruit is the stuff of real life: the hubris and the underbelly, the delight and the bliss – the things that we transform into the gold of wisdom and meaning. Following the path blazed by Phyllis Webb’s classic Naked Poems, Hryniuk’s poetry sparkles with precious gems of insight and realization. Hryniuk reaches into the depths of humanness to reveal the naked body. Nora Patrich’s playfully serious drawings which tastefully acompany Hryniuk’ poetry elevate this volume to an Object of Art, rather than a simple book. Pearls & forbidden fruit is a serious read, a plesure to glance through and an experience to cherish. Enjoy these pearls of love fearlessly.


Sarasvati Scapes
(Pendas Production, 2001, London)
ISBN 0920820425
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This pristine and beautiful book takes the reader on a Tibetan Buddhist pilgrimage in India. This work, co-authored with London-based writer Penn Kemp, opens up the landscape of spiritual journey and quest describing what this is from a westerner’s perspective.


no visual scars
(Polestar, 1993, Vancouver)
ISBN 0919591787

Angela Hryniuk’s poetry is that of the heart stretched taut – a collection of powerful images of a tough life where naïve hope and courage struggle to survive alongside heartbreak and addition, abuse and pain. In Hryniuk’s poetry human connections provide a route to healing. In the three sections of no visual scars, Angela creates an emotional portrait of pregnant women, provide a powerful examination of a woman healing from abuse, and peers intimately into the heart of human relationships.

“Angela Hryniuk has an extraordinary faculty for cathing up with rhythm of language when pain and pleasure echo their reality on the sharp edge of words.” – Nicole Brossard

The Globe and Mail, Saturday, January 1, 1994
“Islands of the heart…and the world around”


walking inside circles
(Ragweed Press, 1989, Charlottetown)
ISBN 0921881118

Hryniuk’s book is written in a unique format, using a narrative voice to recount past events and poetic prose to project the feelings of the young victim. “The poetic prose is certainly analytical about life and pain and healing.” …

By Linda Wilson

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