Spiritual Life

Everything in life begins and ends in relationship. We are all related to one another and whether we are friends, strangers, business colleagues, lovers, family or partners – we are called to get along with one and another. Angela specializes in counseling people when they are in conflict in relationship to themselves or to others in the world. Conflict, she believes, is the indicator for new growth and awareness where transformation is possible.

We can either choose to live a life in faith, trust, surrender, forgiveness and hope or one of fear, doubt, jealousy, attachment and judgment. But sometimes we need a guide along the way to help us move from one mode of living to another. Angela counsels and spiritually advises individuals and couples to aid them make the changes in their lives they’ve always wanted.

We are all human beings having a spiritual experience. No matter on which continent you live, you are part of the Human family and have the same causes of suffering as the next person.

Whether in Australia, Canada or a small town in England, Angela works internationally through the internet and by phone, so be in contact with her if you’re interested in transforming your life from the inside out. She’s done it; now she wants to help others who want to be happy, joyous and free. Also check out her video meditation courses if you’d like to be part of a growing Global Community.