Are you interested in learning more about Buddhism? Are you a Recovery Centre that would like a Workshop leader who combines Buddhism and Recovery? Would you enjoy spending a weekend meditating in a group setting and need instruction and guidance? Would you like Angela to facilitate a workshop for a Conference you’re organizing?

The following are a list of Courses and Workshops Angela Hryniuk has taught and led over the past 15 years in various cities around the world. These are just some ideas. All of the following can also be adapted to whatever length of time you want.

For more in depth enquiries, please contact Angela directly.

Have an Open Heart without Being a Doormat

Have an Open Heart without Being a Doormat (pdf 79kb)

Money and the Meaning of Life, 8 week Course

Money and the Meaning of Life (pdf 79kb)

What do we value? What gives us meaning? Why have our financial advisors and bankers become our confessors and confidents? Is there anything spiritual about money? Knowing that we are in a quest for the transcendent and yet we need to function in the everyday we seem to be living in two fundamentally opposed motivations of human life. In this course we will explore these two sides of the same coin and how they relate to our lives and our world on a day to day basis.

Contrary to popular thinking that perhaps our culture places too much emphasis on money, theologian Jacob Needleman believes we don’t take money seriously enough. With current books and DVDs like The Secret coming forward, people are awakening to an ancient truth that the laws of attraction and abundance, not laws of scarcity, are what make the world go round. Looking at the work of Needleman, Katherine Ponder, Maria Nemeth, amongst others, we will explore some of these and other questions.

Sitting In The Light – Meditation

Sitting in the Light 6 Week Meditation Course (pdf 84kb)

The format of each evening is one of meditation, teaching and discussion at a beginner’s level. There will be a short teaching each week interspersed with various types of meditations. Topics to be discussed: attachment, desire, anger, karma, reincarnation, lovingkindness, compassion, wisdom and much more.
Course Outline can be sent upon request.

The Six Practices Of Awakening

The Six Pactices of Awakening (pdf 82kb)

We must study suffering before we understand liberation. We move from understanding the cause of the coarse delusions all the way to the predisposition of why a delusion arises.

First, non-attachment to wealth creates moral discipline which makes us patient. With patience we can make a greater effort. With more joyful effort we can stabilize our concentration and with all of these being practiced wisdom is attained. The perfections are ordered according to the nature of their subtlety and difficulty to cultivate and practice. We use them to measure where our mind is at.  Dependent upon our motivation we will attain different results.

What are the six practices?

  1. The practice of giving – Generosity
  2. The practice of moral discipline -  Ethics
  3. The practice of patience – Patience
  4. The practice of joyous effort – Perseverance
  5. The practice of mental stabilization – Concentration
  6. The practice of wisdom – Wisdom

Buddhism and Recovery, 12 week Course

Incorporating principles of the 12 Step Recovery Movement and basic tenets of Buddhism, during these 12 weeks we will incorporate teachings, meditation and discussion where Buddhism can have practical application to our everyday lives. There will be a short teaching each week interspersed with various types of meditations. Topics to be discussed: suffering, attachment, desire, anger, compassion, wisdom and concepts of surrender, faith, trust, fear and how we can integrate our day to day beliefs with our spiritual ideals. Buddhism is a 2600 year old philosophy and teaching that aids us in learning how to have an enriched and fulfilling life, leading to personal liberation. The Twelve Step Movement has been one of the single most powerful (and invisible) spiritual movements in North America in the twentieth and twenty first centuries.
See Course Outline

Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine, weekend workshop, 8 weeks

The emphasis of these eight evenings will be discovering, at an introductory Buddhist level, the feminine power embodied in both men and women. In this fast paced life we have lost touch with the nurturing, loving, Divine Source. Through visualization, meditation and discussion, we will connect with the powerful, creative, receptive and wisdom force that is the feminine in all of us. Men are most welcome. Pre-registration required.

Sarasvati Workshop, day workshop

SARASVATI, emanation of Prajnaparamita, is the goddess of creativity, writing, poetry, music, teaching and studying. She helps increase your ability in philosophy, art, debate, logic, writing and performing music. Through guided visualizations of Sarasvati, mantra recitation, various innovative writing exercises and group discussion you will experience the magic of writing as a powerful transformational tool. Give yourself time to explore your internal practise and external creativity. This workshop is open to everyone, you need not have had the initiation, nor be a Buddhist to attend. Please bring paper and pen and be prepared to have some serious fun.

“Servant Leadership and Prosperity” Or “Spirit, Work, Money – Which Comes First?” Day workshop

What we want out of life we must first give. In order to lead, we must serve. To be prosperous and create peace I must first give and be the peace in the world I wish to see. In whatever work we choose, we must decide, declare, create, experience the unfolding reality of the grandest version of the greatest vision of Who We Really Are. Constantly becoming. Work and the workplace are the site of expressing this Divine Self through service, leadership and contributing to the greater good of society.

Whatever my role in the world may be: Buddhist minister, teacher, accountant, community organizer, administrative executive or writer I lead by serving first.

During the workshop Angela will give an overview of Buddhism and its entry into North American society then speak about spiritual principles of prosperity and lead meditations with the group.

Possible Courses

  • Western Buddhism as Spirituality or Religion
  • Addiction, Spirituality and Religion
  • Conversations with God Book Series, New Consciousness in the West
  • Non-Separation and Unity Consciousness
  • Fulfillment of Self, Expression of Truth
  • The Death of Dogma, the Rise of Spirit
  • Loss of Consciousness and Compassion and the Rise of Capitalism
  • Spiritual By-Pass in Religious Devotion
  • The Collective Consciousness, the Shadow and War
  • The Role of Spirit in the Maturation of Society
  • The Role of Spirituality in the Rise of Capitalism
  • Sexuality, Spirit and Religions